Top 10 Websites to visit when you are bored

top 10 websites

The world wide web is one of the best place to kill your time because you have multiple options to choose with wide range of preferences . No doubt that Facebook, Youtube , Twitter etc. are always the best portals and social media where we spent most of our time but here you will get a complete unique list of websites which are unique because of their unique contents and believe me you would love it . 
If you want to look busy at work , prank your friend about massive coding by wildly mashing any key. You may have seen in some Hollywood movies hacking conventions .Just randomly mash the keys and people will think you are doing something incredible . 

 The Way Back Machine 
Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library offering free universal access to books, movies & music, as well as more than 400 billion archived web pages. Simply log on to the site enter any of your favorite website url and you see how does it looked liked on a particular date.You will get bundle of free access to books, tutorials, movies etc. 

 Wiki How
 Here is the answer to all your questions about how to do stuffs. There are many websites related to this topic but I prefer Wiki How for how to do questions because of its neat and friendly presentations. You may get your all the answer from “How to win your girl’s heart to How to create a Robot” 

Mental Floss
 It is a great website to learn important facts from around the world ,covering various topics such as Science, History, foods, culture, movies. You may be amazed after learning the fascinating facts and hidden elements about things you thought you already know about it. 
 It is a project by Jon Rafman, a photographer and artist which have collection of interesting images by Google street views.

Dear Photograph
This website has photos of people which were taken years ago exactly at the same place. I found it very interesting. You can also submit your photographs too.

 transfer your handwriting into a font. It designs a custom font based on your handwriting. It’s very impressive.

 Bored Panda
 Are you bored? then this website deals with everything funny in the world of internet. It focus on photos and articles that are unique and very funny to read. This panda will not bore you. 

Awkward Family Photo 
 You can find awkward and embarrassing photos of family and their loved ones from around the world. 

 Earth Cam
 Get Live cam view from the different parts of the world . Enjoy the live view of an different country , different city and even live view from up above the space station.

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