Measures to prevent computer virus

You know what is antivirus , you know to scan your pen drive and you feel safe with it isn’t it? But do you know what is virus actually?

In simple definition, virus is a computer program which has been created by using malicious codes to infect other computer . Let’s make it more simple, a virus  is a harmful computer which has been written with programming languages in motive to harm other computer and data.

How viruses are created

As I told above , viruses are created by using malicious programming codes.  Lets take an example of a simple virus which can infect a system and open/close the disk tray randomly . It’s a simple virus just to irritate other . see the batch codes below.

So generally viruses are normally written computer programming languages  but these programs are written for unethical purpose . Suppose you have written a program to delete all your pdf files in a one go and latter you planned to do a little prank with your friends and you told them to use this program it will help them to speed up the internet, when they will click  they will lost all the pdf files, then it can also be called as virus .

Why viruses are created ?

Its an important question that why people create virus or virus are created ?  there are many reasons behind it.  Suppose if you have a business then your competitors might create virus and infect your systems to disturb your services.  Some people create virus and sell them in black market for financial benefits. Some create to spread some messages or cyber terrorism . Some people also create virus are their research and people like me create virus just to play pranks (Just Kidding)

How to prevent virus and other malicious program

  • Do not download software from unknown sources , because most of the software present there are pirated and may contain malicious program binded along with them.

  • Don’t use unusual apps and games on social networking sites

  • Do check the options correctly before installing any software


  • Get  updates for your Operating System periodically to receive patches for bugs
  • Be sure your antivirus is getting updates periodically because everyday people create millions of virus and if the database of your antivirus is not updated then it will not recognize any newly created malicious program .

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