How to Securely delete files beyond recovery

Are you planning to sell your smartphone, tablet, laptop? Then you should be aware about few important things about privacy and protection of your data. Every mobile devices has an internal memory and it may have lots of your personal photos, documents , videos and other important files.
What normally people do is “Factory reset” or “Format” by plugging into the computer .

But beware, if you are going to hand over your device the it may not the correct way to securely wipe your every data.  Anyone who have a few knowledge about software can easily recover your deleted data by using freely available data recovery tools like windows kernel and recuva until you overwrites the data randomly. So, don’t fall in the prey of blackmailing your privacy is in your hand .

But there are always an way to get out of the problems which I am going to tell you.

How to delete all files securely in Android ?


If you are not having PC then don’t worry a single apps will do all the required work. It is FILE SHERDDER which is available in playstore.  It claims to delete all your files securely in your android device, I am not sure which algorithm does it use to overwrite the data but I have tested in my Micromax Bolt A56 and it works pretty well and I liked this apps very much.
I tried to recover the deleted files using Forensic imaginer and what all I got is overwritten data , which is not an easy task for a normal person  to extract data and meta data from a over written file. Isn’t it?
How to delete all the files securely in windows?

In our daily life we do many random things like we give our pendrive/usb drive to our friends , we try to sell our laptop and so on. Have you deleted your files securely? It’s the same case like I told you above , any files is not securely deleted until it has been overwritten by random files.  So before you going to hand over your device please wipe your important data properly and this applies to all flash drive, external hdd,  SD card, cellphones , laptop and so on.
Here I  have mentioned few tools which will do all the work for you.


Its an tool with a complete package and most commonly used utility software. It have the features to wipe internet history, cookies, seasons. It can delete the system memory dumps to free up spaces, it can also edit and delete the registry. Apart from this in the tool section there are more important tools like drive wiper with many overwriting phases such as 1 passes , 3 passes , 7 passes, 35 passes .
You can choose the 7 passes that is complex overwriting to wipe your data securely. I am in love with this software.

It’s a tool which has been developed only to securely delete your files and it does its’ work very well. I personally recommend you this tool if your only intention is to wipe your files . Its an user friendly, overwrite and delete the data using 7 passes and 3 passes method. Even you can add the files and folder and schedule it to delete the data on that  specific time.

Download Eraser  

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