Top 5 Windows OpenSource System Utilities by NirSoft

Opensource software and tools has became more useable and common by day to day. This is because most of the tech giants now encourage the philosophy of open source developers. Today I am going to mention some open source system utilities for windows platform which will be very helpful in our everyday’ activities such as searching a file, management of installed programs, monitoring of host network etc. All the tools are provided by NirSoft.

Searchmyfiles is a small system search utility with multiple options for searching, it is a good alternative for Windows’ inbuilt search features. With SearchMyFiles you will be able to navigate to Folders and search on a particular folder. It is a portable tool that means you don’t have to install on every system you use, just unzip the exe file and run it. You simply choose that in which mode you want it to search such as Standard search, Duplicate search, Non-Duplicate search, Summery mode and Duplicate name search. Then select the base folder and if you want to exclude any folders or include only a folder  from the base folder then there is a option just at its’ below. Then there is a Wildcard search if you want to return the search result by matching the combination and patterns of characters and wildcards. There are more advance search option such as search by time of file creation, last modified and last accessed. Exclude list of file type is also there with the option to limit the number of searches and size of the file.

downloadNirSoft SearchMyFiles from here..


If you are curious about the usage of network by the programs in your host, or if you just want to know which application is using the network without your knowledge then this is the great application for you. It is a lite and  capable of monitoring TCP/UDP packets recieve and send by the programs in the host. It gives the details of programs such as source of a program, send speed, receive speed, ip4 address, first activity time,last activity time etc. You can also generate a report and export to a html or text files . It is a must to have a tools for windows platform.


It is a alternative to Windows inbuilt Add/Remove program, the best part of this program is that it is supported by all the versions of windows from XP to latest version of windows on both 32bit and 64bit. It can be run from anywhere without installing. It doesn’t force any program to uninstall but there are lots of good enough features like multiple uninstall, remote desktop support, external hard disk support etc. It also reveals huge amount of information of the installed programs such as date, time, date of installation , registry key etc. 


Its a very small utility tool that manage all the USB which are currently connected as well as previously used. You can easily manage all the connected device with its’ various features. Right click on any device and you will find options like safely remove, disable device, uninstall the device driver etc. It also gives a lot of information about the connected device as well as previously connected device. It is a great tool to maintain a track records of USB devices as it portrays information like device name, descriptions, date/time device was added, serial number, product id, vendor id and more. It will be a useful tool for doing forensics jobs as well as to maintain a systematic track records of your personal USB devices. It can generate a report in HTML format with all the information shown on the screen.


It is an alternate Windows device manager with some extra features. It is a portable device manager with some advance features. In the windows device manager the tree view architecture were used which was not preferred by many users, it display the device and their properties in an easy understandable table. Goto options then there are options to display all the connected devices and show devices with location strings , there are also some advanced filters. By right clicking on a device you can enable/disable certain device and also multiple devices at once. There are more options to open a device’s INF file, key on REGEDIT and also search the device on Google with just a click. If you have administrative rights then you can mange the devices on a network , you can modify the certain device settings on a remote PC. It also has expert level of features such as generating report of all the device with all the information that is showing on the display as well as command line interface to interpret with the devices with automated scripts. 

DownloadDevManView here

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