Things not to search on Google to stay safe

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It is no doubt that Google is one of the most advanced search engine working today , its search modules and algorithms has made it fast , reliable and unique search engine and we can use it in the way we want and dig inside any portal for far better in , but sometimes searching everything on Google can be against us . There are some advanced tips and tricks by which people with malicious intentions can breach the users.

Online Banking Website 
One of the prime target of the spammers are the online banking websites. By copying the front-end codes of design they create a similar looking websites which has the same type of log in form, menus and options and lure users to enter their user id and password . Once the credentials has been entered it directly goes to the spammers who have the malicious intention to steal the money. If you remember your online banking portal address then enter it without searching on Google. If you don’t remember then its better to verify the URL with bank and other sources rather than hitting on Google. However the banks focus on providing better SSL encryption to send the transaction details in encrypted way, but the bad guys can also build well crafted website with SSL encryption to send and receive data in encrypted format to fool the people.

Medical Symptoms 
Nobody enjoys going to the doctor when were are sick or getting some symptoms of being sick and then we land up at Google to find out what Dr. Google prescribes. But Google is just doing the work of a search engine by digging out the patterns and keywords so we don’t know who have written the medical article , how much legit is that, it can have side effects which we are not aware about, we can fall in trap of fake medicine scam and blah, We also don’t know how much of our personal information we are revealing to the web. Always remember doctors spend years of their time to learn and practice all these and how can we know all the diagnosis in just few couple of seconds. I know its unavoidable practice but it is advised to limit the search on medical symptoms on search engines, but if you still do it then follow the advice only from the legit medical communities online. 

Customer Care Number 
Fake customer care number of companies are one of the most common fraud on Google search, the fraudsters use different classified and local listing websites to add fake numbers , when there are the same fake numbers on different websites then the Google search bot view it as the real number whereas the actual real number of a company seems spam for the people. It is highly advised to look for customer care number on company’s official portal. 

Government Website
Government websites are easy for phishing because of their plain and user friendly layout. There are lots of tools which are freely available on the web , which the malicious people use to copy the entire front-end designs and use it in the way they want to spam people. Then these phished websites are used by spammers for fake government job recruitment, diversion of payment gateway and many more. It is advised to log in to the government websites by entering the proper URL without hitting a search on Google, if you don’t remember the proper URL then please verify the URL from different source before entering your credentials. 

Anti Virus 
Avoid searching antivirus software from Google and other search engines as most of them are fake, because by keeping in mind the present scenario of ransomware attack which has affected millions of systems worldwide. Do not download antivirus software and other utilities from third party websites as there is a maximum chance of having malware and ransomware infected into it. It is highly advised to download antivirus and other anti-malware services only from the official website.

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