Reverse Search By Image

Search By Image

Reverse Image Search is a great way to discover similar images from multiple sources around the internet. It does not only look for similar images but it also become helpful in the situation when we need to find the original source of the images. 

Uses of Reverse Search by Image

  • Intelligence Gathering
    Its often  reverse image search plays an important role in Digital Evidence and Intelligence Gathering for law and enforcement agencies
  • Find the Original Source of the image 
    An image can be shared multiple times but reverse image search can be helpful to know who has uploaded first or owner of the image.
  • Who are using your image 
    This is a great way of brand monitoring by knowing who are using your image as a part of link building and analysis. Apart from this victims of online harassment and bullying, photographers and artist whose work has been stolen can use it.
  • Find Similar Images
    This is the easiest way to find similar type of image just by uploading the image file you have.

Top Reverse Image Search Engine

Google Image Search

One of the popular image search engine that let you search by uploading an image from your device or by entering url of an image. You can use the same in smartphones through Google Lense app with some extended features. All you have to do is click on the image icon and upload the image,

Yandex Image Search

A great newcomer which act as Gold Mine for Reverse Image search as it provides lots similar results with multiple sizes,  It can match colored and B/W images together and sometimes it shows more results than Google. Just click on image icon and select to upload image files.

TinEye Reverse Image Search

This is one of the oldest reverse image search engine and it has helped me in crucial time when other image searches failed to lookup as said old is gold.

Bing Visual Search

A decent Image Search associated with Bing Search engine which gives pretty well results. Bing visual search is a new technique that helps you look for information based on images. It helps you learn more about the object that you see. Just upload the image file and get the result instantly.

Different search engine has different search algorithm so the result may be different too.

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