How to Find if Email and Password have been leaked in Data Breach

Data breaches are happening around the world due to security loop holes, zero-day-vulnerability or improper management of data security,  It seems like everyone is getting hacked directly or indirectly due to multiple data breaches around the many web giants. During data breaches personal information such as email, username, passwords and phone numbers intentionally or unintentionally are released to the public. Such leaked database are real gems for malicious users as they can use it for credential stuffing to take over your other unrelated accounts/online service or sell your personal information for monetary value.

Have I been exposed in data breach?

It’s ok that if your data has been leaked from your favorite website because you don’t manage their security, but you can manage your data which has been leaked such as email and password. There are multiple breached data search engine where you can check if your data has been exposed in data breach.

How to Check if My Email and passwords has been breached?

HaveIBeenPwned allow users to enter email to check whether the entered email address is available in the breached databases or not. What it does is when you search for email address it crawl through various leaked database to see if the entered credentials are accessible by public. You can also check for your passwords if it is leaked or not. While keeping in mind about the users privacy, this website don’t store your passwords, they convert the entered credentials into hashes and then it search through the directory. 

How to Check breached email address and password in

It is simple, just hit the portal on browser and enter the email address in text field and click on pwned.

Check the search result.

What to do if your email and passwords is in the breached database?

After the data breaches hackers try to do credentials stuffing to find if they can gain access to your account or associated accounts with the same email and password and if they succeed in gaining access they will again steal your personal information for the monetary benefits. You are lucky if you are not in the list of their prey. 

What to do after data breaches?

  • Change your breached passwords wherever you have used it with a new one.
  • Never use the same password for multiple websites.
  • Activate two factor authentication.
  • Aware of phishing email because once the email directory is leaked then it may be used by many fraudster in search of prey.



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