Generate QR Code with Google Chrome

We can create QR code with a QR code generator available out there but having a QR code generator integrated with your browser can solve many problems. Now it has become easy to share any URL by any medium using Google Chrome QR generator.

 What is  QR Code?

QR Codes are the scanable bar codes that allow users to gain access to the information without typing a single keyword, the QR Code may linked to Video, Web Page, Text Data etc. User may scan the QR code using their camera or by third party QR scanner to gain access to the information.

Now Google Chrome has integrated the QR Code generator a very  handy feature , which may solve the problems regarding QR generation. One can instantly generate a QR code using the browser and within the tab and share the QR code via any medium.

Google Chrome has made this feature very handy and easy accessible. Google has rolled out this feature from Chrome 88 which was released on January 2021 and still rolling out this feature with its latest version.

How to Generate QR code using Google Chrome?

  • Open the web page in Google Chrome which you want to share
  • Select the URL in address bar and a QR code logo will pop up at the right side of the address bar.
  • Hover over and click on the QR logo, the code will be generated and you may download the QR code and share in in any medium.

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