Boost your reading speed with Google Lexend Fonts

After numerous research Google has introduced a new Font – Family -The Lexend, which is reading friendly that will help to read faster than before. The Lexend fonts uses some typographical factors such as spacing and size that will improve the reading speed. These fonts will be most helpful for those who have the problems of recognition of objects. These fonts are available on Google docs, Google slides and Google sheets. If you want to use it offline by installing in your system then download Google Lexend fonts from here

Sample of all the Lexend Font Family.

Lexend Font, Google Font, Font to increase reading speed

 How to Add Lexend Fonts in Google Docs 

  • Open a new Google Docs then on tool bar select the drop down menu of font selection, click on More Fonts ,
  •  then in the search box type LEXEND and hit the button, 
  • then select all the Lexend-Font-family such as Lexend Deca, Exa, Zetta, Giga, Peta, Mega and Tera,
  •  click on OK, now these will appear on the font list, use it according to your needs.

 I have filmed a video on

How to enable Lexend font in Google Docs.

If you are an educator then you must try out these fonts it will be helpful for students who are visually crowded and seated at a distance. Lexend formatting has been used in clinical settings around the Southern California , San Francisco and in schools at many other places and it was found that reading speed of the students has improved by probably 18 % 

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