Best Ways to Prevent DDoS Attacks

What is DDoS Attack

DDoS attack overwhelms your server with a lot of traffic from multiple sources (compromised systems). During a A Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack the multiple compromised computers (via malware) are used to provide an influx of internet traffic (from a variety of sources) to overload a server, service, or network, ultimately compromising the availability of the attacked resource. If you observe that your website/server suddenly has millions of UDP,ICMP, SYN hits then it can reflect a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack and your server may slow down and could not create more season for the legitimate users and ultimately the website/service will be unavailable to the users.

Live Threat Map, DDOS Map
DDoS Around the Globe 

Goal of DDoS Attacks

  • The objective of a DDoS attack is to prevent legitimate users from accessing your website.
  • Slowdown your online sales and services by the competitors.
  • Exhaust your allocated bandwidth.

How to Prevent DDoS Attacks – Best DDoS Solution

If you have a ecommerce or if your website rely on monetized advertisements then DDOS attack will be highly painful financially, Honestly Prevention of DDOS attacks is not always possible despite improvements in security technology can mitigate the risks.


It is one of the mostly used Content Delivery Network with additional features of security enhancement. Clouflare use the CAPTCHAs and as most of the DDOS attacks are performed with the use of bots , it will be an unsuccessful attempt for the bots to flood the network with successful requests. It hide your IP by proxifying the traffic. It does more jobs other than diverting the malicious traffic, it will serve the content much faster using its CDN. The only con about the cloudflare is it violates the PCI DSS requirements so you cannot use them in eCommerce websites.

CDN Networks

When there is a massive attacks then CDN Networks can easily handle the network traffic bombard, as CDN consists of geographically distributed group of server with enormous bandwidth. ALL traffic to your server connected presence first goes through this service and then hits your environment. They use active threat mitigation monitoring and block traffic before it reaches you. Typically they have enough pipe to handle even large attacks. Most often these attacks are easy to filter as they’ll be incomplete or misshaped packets that are flooding. You can Also integrate this with Cloudflare for enhanced mitigation. 

Top CDN Providers


Physical firewall or Web Application Firewall plays an important role to monitor the incoming and outgoing data packets and block those which are not in the whitelist. By employing a firewall you may add an another level of security on Network Layer.

Intrusion Detection System & Intrusion Prevention System

Apart from Firewall an IPS is an important tools that is placed at a tactical point between Firewall and Switch within the network to monitor the incoming and outgoing data packets. It analysis the information and detect suspicious activities, requests and violations of inbound and outbound rules. It works to prevent identified threats. Intrusion prevention systems continuously monitor your network, looking for possible malicious incidents and capture information about them.

Top IDS/IPS tool

Security Testing and Patching Policy

You should implement a habitual Security Testing and Patching Policy so that whenever a DDoS or any vulnerability in Network or Web Application is found it should be patched in timely manner, before someone else use these vulnerabilities lunch attack on you or use your server and bandwidth as bots to lunch massive attack on someone else.

Behavioral Practices

You need to monitor you server/websites activity on regular basis if there is any continuous suspicious requests you may block it if required.  Figure out your average traffic, and use a monitoring solution to keep track of abnormal traffic surges. You’ll need to be careful here, of course sometimes, a traffic surge is legitimate.

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